Indefinite Hiatus

I don’t feel like posting/reblogging anything at the moment, so I’m gonna have a break.

I’m sick of the constant complaining about DA:I and general Bioware fandom drama/nonsense. I’m fed up of seeing people argue with each other.

Mostly I’m fed up of the stupid messages I get. I’ve been trying my best to talk to everyone and keep my blog running even though I’m buried in coursework, but I’ve had messages complaining about all of the text posts. I get complaints when I reblog pictures of Anders or Fenris. Hell, I even get complaints when I express how excited I am for DA:I. Someone bitched at me earlier for saying I liked Mulan?? And in all honesty, I’m bloody sick of it.

I know that I was supposed to be setting up an art giveaway this weekend. But I just don’t want to anymore. Sorry.

If you have my Skype, mobile number, Steam, etc, then I hope we can talk soon.

I hope you’re all okay and stay safe and happy.

See you soon,


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I just watched Mulan for the first time and it was really, really good and I cried lots.

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Scrolling through tumblr at college surrounded by people. Naked Cullen appears on my dash. *cringes out of existence*

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asdfghjkl; thank you so much! idk why you follow my dumb blog but I’m so, so grateful. You’re all complete sweethearts and you say kind things when I’m feeling awful and ily. <33

Over the weekend, I’ll set up an art giveaway for you, b/c it’s the only way I know how to say thank you. :3

*hugs and squishes you all*

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I hate having so much work to do. I can’t remember the last time I did something fun. :c

Anyway, going on a break from tumblr while I try to work through a chunk of this contextual studies research and photography critique.


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Only 5 followers away from my next milestone asdfgifjsodk

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